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Elementary School Photography______________                                                
"Every Picture Has a Story to Tell"

Smile on "3" helps you capture your child's story.

Fall Programs:
Smile on "3" creates a customized program to fit your school's specific needs. Multiple background choices, experienced photographers and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 
Our customer service is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. Children need to feel proud of their pictures, and we work hard to make that happen.  

Spring Programs: 
Environmental portrait program like no other! Have your child take their unique environmental portrait actually taken outside! No artificial backgrounds! 
Special portrait lens are used to create the "look" of an expensive portrait.  

Family Portrait Program Fundraiser:
The convenience of having environmental family portraits taken at your child's school. Once a year we schedule 1-2 days of family portraits either at the school or
at a local nearby park. Sittings are open to family, friend and neighbors. $10.00 from every sitting is donated back to the school! This is a great opportunity to have that
generation picture taken, or even entire family picture. We also photograph separately parents and children. Pets are part of the family, we welcome them!
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Smile on "3, staff works hard to make your program successful for not only the school, but the students as well.

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