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Is Your Current Photography Company Giving Your School the Service it Deserves?

Ask yourself the following...

How often does a photographer or representative visit your school? 

Do you have their cell phone number to contact them personally?

Are your photo orders accurate and delivered in a timely manner?

Does your photography company dictate the shooting schedule?

 Are parents happy with their photo purchase?

Is your photography company flexible to your school's needs that arise that are not on the contract?

Are your photo sessions generally hectic, stressful and disruptive?

Put us to work for your school! 

Smile on "3" offers customer service that cannot be imitated by the large yearbook photography companies. Your students, parents and yearbook staff deserve the quality, flexibility and the personal attention that only a local photography company can provide. 
We are here to serve your school! 

Discover the professionalism and convenience that has made Smile on "3" the an alternative to nationwide photography companies. Not only will the customer service manager and company manager be at your photo day, but the owner as well. We take great pride in our service, quality and experience. We raise the bar in School Photography!

By partnering with Smile on 3, your school will experience the type of service that we feel our kids, parents, teachers and administrators deserve. We're a family-owned local studio that caters to schools in the East Bay. But don't let our small size fool you. Simply put, we offer the service and flexibility that national chains lack, while furnishing the same high-tech products and awards you should expect.

We work closely with your yearbook staff, administrators and coaches to ensure that our photo sessions are as non-disruptive and painless as possible while supplying the excellence in portrait and team sports photography that your yearbook demands. I am extremely proud of the working relationships we have with the students, teachers, coaches and administrators in our current contract schools. 

We want your students to be as proud of their photos as we are. We understand the self-esteem issues that can arise from a bad photograph, so we spend the necessary time to ensure that students look their best. We offer a 100% guarantee, so if they don't like it, we will re photograph it! Additionally, in the case of the "forgotten order envelope" we will photograph them anyway and they can either mail it in or order on-line. Parents may also order additional photos at any time. 

If your school is looking for an alternative to your current photography company, and one committed to the success of their photography program, Smile on "3" would be honored to meet with you and your staff to discuss your needs.

Thank you,

The Staff at Smile on "3"